Othello Syndrome A Psychiatric Illness

Illness is of two types, one is physical and the other is psychological or mental. Symptoms of physical illness are very obvious. Even an ignorant and illiterate person, when a physical disorder occurs, he understands that he is surrounded by some disease. He goes to the doctor and gets treated. Diagnosing mental illness is difficult. Its symptoms are very complex.

Most people don’t realize they have a mental illness while they are struggling with it. We treat physical illness with medication, while psychological illness is often treated with psychotherapy. For this, we take the help of a doctor who is a specialist in psychiatry. We also refer to psychologists in this regard. They prescribe some medication but most often the patient is treated with psychotherapy or behavioral therapy. We call a psychiatrist in English, while a psychologist is called a psychologist. There are different types of psychological or mental disorders. Here I will mention a special type of mental illness i.e. Othello Syndrome.

Othello Syndrome

A Psychiatric Illness
A Psychiatric Illness

Othello syndrome is also called pathological jealousy.
Morbid Jealousy and Delusional Jealousy
(Delusional Jealousy)
Also known as

If you look at its definition in Wikipedia, it is defined under pathological jelly as:
“Pathological jealousy, also known as Morbid jealousy, Othello syndrome, or delusional jealousy, is a psychological disorder in which a person is preoccupied with the thought that their spouse or sexual partner is being unfaithful without having any real proof, along with socially unacceptable or abnormal behavior related to these thoughts.
From the above definition, it means that it is a disease in which, without any evidence, a person has a preconceived idea that his spouse or sexual partner is not being faithful to him. . Part of this disease is the occurrence of socially unacceptable and objectionable behavior.

In this disease, the husband has this suspicion toward his wife that his wife is having sex with another man. Similarly, the wife suspects that her husband is having sexual relations with another woman.
The term “Othello Syndrome” is originally from Shakespeare’s play
Derived from “Othello”. Shakespeare wrote this play around 1603. There are two main characters in it, one is “Othello” and the other is his wife Desdemona.

Iago is a negative character who dislikes Othello. He decides to ruin Othello’s married life and manages to convince Othello that his wife Desdemona is having an affair with the lieutenant Michael Cassio. The result is that Othello kills his wife at the end of the play.
The term “Othello syndrome” was first coined by English psychiatrist John Todd in an article in 1955.
(“The Othello syndrome: A study in the psychopathology of sexual jealousy”)
what was I Later researchers clarified the difference between Othello syndrome and pathological jealousy by stating that it is driven by Deception and not by Delusion. Despite this distinction and research, they are all known by the same name.

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Symptoms of Othello Syndrome Or Pathological Gelsey

Othello Syndrome
Othello Syndrome

Othello syndrome or pathological jelly has a long list of symptoms. A person suffering from this mental illness is always worried and in mental agony. He begins to monitor his partner’s every move. Some specific signs can be identified as follows:

  • Accusing your partner of giving more importance to someone else
  • Periodically checking the mobile phone and seeing who has received a call and whose message has been received.
  • Not allowing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter etc.
  • Always asking where he is and who he is with.
  • Questioning his attitude.
  • Keeping away from friends and relatives and not allowing them to meet.
  • Limiting social contact.
  • Not taking care of his personal interests outside the home.
  • Verbal or physical abuse.
  • Threatening to harm self or others.
  • To justify his behavior by any kind of accusation.

What could be the basis for the development of the above symptoms? After all, why does it happen that a man starts to be suspicious of his own wife and starts looking at her with suspicion? Pathological jelly is a complex feeling. This feeling has been called mental disturbance by many. That is, only due to mental disturbance, do such misgivings arise in the human mind. It is called Paranoia in English.

In paranoia, a person always thinks that no other person can be good. He repeatedly asks his wife or sexual partner questions about where he spent the day and with whom he talked. He continues to grow thin with the feeling that nothing good is happening. As a result, he begins to restrict his wife. A suspicion arises in his heart that she is talking to someone else behind his back. This misconception gets in his mind that his wife is not interested in him. His heart and mind become the abode of such negative thoughts.

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The Foundation of Love

Even on the basis of love, this feeling of mistrust can arise. A love in which a man wants to completely dominate his wife. Does not care about his choice. His personal life is very tight. Such love falls under the realm of Complete Possession. It feels like the beloved is very beautiful and beautiful. Anyone who sees her will be captivated by her beauty. In fact, there is a fear in the mind that he might not lose her. Thus, one aspect is that a person feels insecure.

He looks at himself and becomes irresistibly suspicious of himself. He realizes that his wife is more beautiful and he is nothing compared to her. Lest a better man finds her and runs away with her. He fears that his partner may not get out of his hands. As a result of this fear, mistrust must arise. In this case, he tries to have complete control over the wife so that she does not slip away. Does not care about his personal life. He wants to dominate her completely. Obviously, this is unnatural behavior.

It is important to remember that whether you are a husband or a wife, both have their own personal lives. Neither of them will like the interference. It is important to leave some free time in which they can live in their own way. A space has to be created so that they can enjoy their personal life. But the husband suffers from a mental illness. He is completely dominated by his wife. If the wife reacts to this unnatural behavior, then the suspicion of the husband is further strengthened.

In this mental illness, both the husband and the wife lose their peace. The husband is worried and anxious all the time. He himself goes out of the house in search of livelihood, but his mind runs towards home. Various thoughts arise in the mind. Sometimes he knocks at home suddenly thinking that no one else has come to his house in his absence. Even when he is out of the house, he keeps calling his wife’s number. Actually, he wants to see that she is not talking to anyone. On the other hand, the husband’s strange behavior robs the wife of her peace of mind.

He fears that something unexpected will happen. Because of this mental illness, thoughts of suicide arise in the mind of a person. There is always a threat to the wife. He is subjected to mental torture. If everything is not pleasant between the parents, then the children will not have positive thoughts. The conflict between parents at home has negative effects on children. It is possible that the child will grow up and follow in the footsteps of his father. However, doctors and psychiatrists advise that a person suffering from mental illness should not have a child because the environment required for its upbringing is not available. A child will also be mentally weak or suffering from any mental illness whose parents are suffering from any mental illness.

Some mental illnesses are hereditary and can affect children from birth. If I quote what Socrates said about 2500 years ago, it would not be out of place that physical and mental patients should be allowed to have romantic relationships but not to have children so that only healthy children are born in a healthy state.

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Interesting Research

This personal disease is less of a fatal disease than a manly disease in which a man hesitates, while in a psychotic disease a caring family is destroyed. It has negative effects on future generations as well.
We are in such an environment right now that human disease is becoming more and more arresting in sexually transmitted diseases. We have a lot of this disease here, but at first, we don’t know about its symptoms. Even if he does not imagine any disease. Even if Othello is arrested, he is repressed because our society is too much. He doesn’t go by the driver that people start calling him crazy. Dr. Khalid Sohail is a well-known Canadian-based psychiatrist and Mehr Nawaz.

He also writes articles in both Urdu and English language. In his articles, he often mentions that different people come to him for the treatment of different mental illnesses. It is not made by a husband’s wife. A wife complains to her husband. No daughter likes to go to her father’s house. A man hates his office people. All this happens under some psychological disease. Thousands of people come to him for therapy with such complaints. After reading his writing, I realized that people are worried about mental illness much more than they are worried about physical illness. The most common mental illness is depression, which is also very common here.

The biggest problem we have here is that people generally don’t understand mental illness, so it doesn’t get treated.
We must remember that mental illness is more deadly than physical illness. Especially the disease I mentioned is more dangerous. An entire family ends up in it. The good thing is that it is not an incurable disease. There are great psychiatrists who can cure this disease with the help of psychotherapy.

If someone with Othello syndrome or pathological jealousy comes to them, they initially prescribe an antidepressant or an antipsychotic, along with spousal psychotherapy. In this, their mental pollution is removed through questioning.
The purpose of writing this article is that just as we are concerned about physical illness, we should be careful about mental illness as well.

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